Shrewsbury Builder’s Top Tips For Adding Value To Your Home

Whether you’re about to put your home on the market or not, every homeowner wants to add value to their property during the course of ownership – and there are plenty of way to do this, according to these top tips by a professional Shrewsbury builder.

1. Property extensions. Adding an extension to your home can be a fantastic investment. Always discuss plans with your Shrewsbury builder first, though, and check out property prices in your area to establish how much value an extra bedroom will create.

2. Side extensions. It may be that extending your kitchen by a few feet at one side makes a big difference to the overall feel of the room. Less expensive than a full property extension, side extensions can really change the way you use the space. If this is something you think might work for your home, have a chat to your local builder Shrewsbury who’ll be able to help you plan the extension in the most cost-effective and efficient way to maximise the room.

3. Conservatory. It may be that adding a conservatory to the back of your home will make it feel lighter and bigger. Again, talk through the options with a Shrewsbury builder, but if there’s space in your garden, a conservatory is a relatively quick and easy way to add an extra room – and usually you don’t need planning permission to build one, either.

4. Hang on to bedrooms. You may be tempted to convert a current bedroom into a bathroom or study, but it’s unlikely this is a good idea. More often than not, losing a bedroom can actually devalue your home.

5. Keep décor neutral. This one is key if you’re planning to sell your home in the near future as garishly decorated rooms will put off the majority of potential buyers. Try to stick to creams or beiges for maximum appeal.

6. Protect your garden. While adding an extension is often a great idea, make sure you don’t sacrifice your garden in the process. A professional builder Shrewsbury will be able to help you decide on the right option for your property – for example, it may be that building a full extension will destroy your garden whereas a side extension will give you the space you so want but without damaging the appeal of your outside space.

7. Research. As well as sussing out property prices in your local area to see what adds the most value, take a look at the work that’s been done nearby. The type of extensions and additions to houses will give you a good idea of the planning permission that’s been approved – and what you’re likely to get approval for. Speak to your Shrewsbury builder who’ll have a better idea when it comes to planning permission, and can advise you further on whether you’re likely to achieve permission for your proposed work.