Why You Need A Shropshire Builder For Roofing Repairs

The roof on your house protects your home from the elements, so it’s important it’s maintained to a high standard by a professional Shropshire builder.

Roofs can become damaged over time, and when this occurs it’s advisable to call for a builder Shropshire to assess the roof and diagnose the issue as soon as possible, as this will help to limit the potential damage and costs.

We need roofs to be in good order to protect our houses from the weather. Their location means that they are exposed to the elements and can be prone to damage that often results in leaks or worse.

If you spot water dripping from you ceiling, ceiling damage or damp patches on the walls, these are all signs that there could be something wrong with your roof and you need a roofing professional. While it may be tempting to take a quick look yourself, remember that the roof is a challenging and dangerous place to be, especially if you’re not trained in safety like a Shropshire builder is.

So always leave your roofing repair to a builder Shropshire who will be quicker, safer and more able to resolve the issue. Ask for an estimate for the building work needed, and discuss how your Shropshire builder intends to complete the project – for example, can it be done in a day or will scaffolding need to be erected. Once you have the details, you can plan for the cost and time involved.

Another advantage to asking your local builder Shropshire to look at your roof if you think it’s leaking or damaged in some way is they will likely spot any future problems while they are on the roof. It may be that an aspect of the roof is fine at the moment but has a weakness that could be expensive to fix if left to worsen – your Shropshire builder should be able to quickly remedy the issue to avert the potentially big problem.

Shrewsbury Builder’s Top Tips For Adding Value To Your Home

Whether you’re about to put your home on the market or not, every homeowner wants to add value to their property during the course of ownership – and there are plenty of way to do this, according to these top tips by a professional Shrewsbury builder.

1. Property extensions. Adding an extension to your home can be a fantastic investment. Always discuss plans with your Shrewsbury builder first, though, and check out property prices in your area to establish how much value an extra bedroom will create.

2. Side extensions. It may be that extending your kitchen by a few feet at one side makes a big difference to the overall feel of the room. Less expensive than a full property extension, side extensions can really change the way you use the space. If this is something you think might work for your home, have a chat to your local builder Shrewsbury who’ll be able to help you plan the extension in the most cost-effective and efficient way to maximise the room.

3. Conservatory. It may be that adding a conservatory to the back of your home will make it feel lighter and bigger. Again, talk through the options with a Shrewsbury builder, but if there’s space in your garden, a conservatory is a relatively quick and easy way to add an extra room – and usually you don’t need planning permission to build one, either.

4. Hang on to bedrooms. You may be tempted to convert a current bedroom into a bathroom or study, but it’s unlikely this is a good idea. More often than not, losing a bedroom can actually devalue your home.

5. Keep décor neutral. This one is key if you’re planning to sell your home in the near future as garishly decorated rooms will put off the majority of potential buyers. Try to stick to creams or beiges for maximum appeal.

6. Protect your garden. While adding an extension is often a great idea, make sure you don’t sacrifice your garden in the process. A professional builder Shrewsbury will be able to help you decide on the right option for your property – for example, it may be that building a full extension will destroy your garden whereas a side extension will give you the space you so want but without damaging the appeal of your outside space.

7. Research. As well as sussing out property prices in your local area to see what adds the most value, take a look at the work that’s been done nearby. The type of extensions and additions to houses will give you a good idea of the planning permission that’s been approved – and what you’re likely to get approval for. Speak to your Shrewsbury builder who’ll have a better idea when it comes to planning permission, and can advise you further on whether you’re likely to achieve permission for your proposed work.

Benefits Of Fitted Kitchens Installed By A Shropshire Builder

The kitchen is the heart of a home and so it makes sense to invest time and effort into attaining the right one for you. By hiring a Shropshire builder to do the work you can be sure of gaining a quality, well designed fitted kitchen that is properly installed into your home.

Fitted kitchens provide a number of advantages over traditional layouts, including making the most of a limited space. You don’t need to have an enormous kitchen to create the all-important “wow” factor – instead, you need the professional advice, designs and installation of a builder Shropshire.

Whether you want to modernise your current kitchen or update the design, a fitted kitchen works with your property, using every space and surface area so you can get more from the room than you would otherwise. For example, all the appliances like dishwashers, fridge, freezer and washing machine, can be tucked away in a cupboard and extra space for your food and items can be created through clever use of wall cupboards.

Fitted kitchens are about more than having a place to cook dinner – they’re about having a place to relax and spend family time. That’s why using a Shropshire builder to design and install your fitted kitchen makes all the difference. A professional builder will discuss the best ways to maximise the room as well as complement the look and feel of the rest of your home.

One of the big benefits of fitted kitchens installed by a Shropshire builder is the time it takes to complete the work. Because it comes ready-made, installation by a carpenter and builder Shropshire is normally quick, generating less hassle and mess for you.

You can decide exactly how your new fitted kitchen will look, ensuring every aspect works for you. Mention any requirements and style requests to your Shropshire builder so these can be incorporated into the kitchen designs. Plus, by using a professional building company the whole process will be project managed to ensure the installation of the fitted kitchen is completed on time, on budget and to a high standard.

Invest In Your Property Using A Shrewsbury Builder As Home Prices Rise

It’s the second month in a row that property prices in the UK have increased, so it seems now is an ideal time to invest in your house using a Shrewsbury builder to further increase its value before putting it on the market.

According to property website Hometrack, house prices rose 0.1% in April and 0.2% in March. This is particularly cheering news for home owners, especially those contemplating building works, carpentry works, or property extensions with the help of a builder Shrewsbury and carpenter Shrewsbury, as this increase occurred regardless of the stamp duty holiday ending and the wet weather we’ve been having so far this spring.

In fact, demand among buyers was even higher, up 25% over the past three months.

London had the strongest sales, with property prices rising 0.3% in April. On average, houses in London are selling in 6 weeks – half the time it takes for houses in the north and west of the country. Of course, there are steps you can take if you live outside London to help boost the speed of your house sale, and a good place to start is by talking to a local Shrewsbury builder.

A builder or carpenter Shrewsbury will be able to advise you on any areas where you can add value to your home, before placing it on the market. For example, a fitted bathroom or new work tops for your kitchen, professionally installed by a Shrewsbury builder and carpenter could provide that “wow” factor many buyers seek.

The actual selling price has increased too, alongside the asking price. Richard Donnell, director of research at Hometrack said: “The proportion of the asking price achieved has moved up to 93.1%. This would indicate some recovery of prices,” The Independent quotes.

It isn’t only property owners who’ve received some positive news about the market, as the rental market was recently shown to be doing well too. When you combine these rises with a few practical home improvements that your builder Shrewsbury can carry out for you, you should be able to sell your home or rent your house for a decent amount.